Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last night, we had severe thunderstorms with lots of rain, wind, and lightning.  I had gone into Cape Coral to play music, but when the rain started...I turned around and head back to the island.  When I got up this morning, it was clear with nice rain and temps in the high 50's.  Linda called early and told us to get dressed and head their way...that we were all going to the flea market.  About the time we got to the flea market which was close to Ft. Myers, it was beginning to sprinkle rain.  Linda bought a box of tomatoes and some Florida Sweets (onions) and then the rains really came back to the island we headed...but it soon cleared up and the rest of the day was very nice.  You won't believe how good the tomatoes and other fresh vegetables are down here...none of those NC "hot house" tomatoes with no taste!

Tonight, we went over to Linda and Tilmon's for a ravioli and sausage dinner prepared by John Nichols...who is here on vacation from Edenton where Linda and Tilmon are from.  This dinner was delicious...and the "mango key lime pie" for dessert wasn't so bad either!  

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